About us

ISI-EVC is born from the meeting between 4 “minds” strongly devoted to sustainability and driven by the desire to introduce in the field an aesthetically pleasing product, made in Italy, complete with every device and component, safe in any installation.

Green spirit and deep roots in research and development

Thanks to previous experiences in the fields of aluminium die-casting, power electronics and ICT software development, the creators of ISI-EVC eallbox, were able to create a new technology with very high performances, capable of offering the best combination of innovation, functionality and focus on design.

Our mission

To help more and more people, businesses and institutions to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, by facilitating the transition from traditional mobility to electric vehicles.

Our values

Ongoing research

To offer to the market products that are easy to use, convenient and safe, able to offer high performance of intelligent charging in an easy and convenient way for everyone.


To ensure easy, fast, functional, robust and complete solutions in every aspect, in order to stimulate more and more people and companies to enter the world of electric charging.


To customer needs and requests, through consulting services, support and assistance in the configuration, installation and after-sales phases.

Become an ISI-EVC Wallbox retailer

Are you a car dealer? You can become an ISI-EVC Wallbox retailer and suggest to your clients an efficient charging station with top performances, even customised with your company colours and logo.
Contact us for all the information needed to become an ISI-EVC retailer!

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