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Find out how easy it is to install ISI-EVC

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What is ISI-EVC

ISI-EVC is a wall charger (commonly called Wallbox) that is used to recharge the batteries of electric vehicles through the normal mains voltage.

Why choose ISI-EVC?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing to install our Wallbox.

First of all, safety: the electronics that manage the charging process, constantly checks that everything is working properly, according to strict protocols to avoid damage to the people, the vehicle and your electrical system.

The charging rate: by using ISI-EVC, you can reduce the charging speed, because it enables you to use a higher charging power, in comparison to the standard chargers supplied to the vehicle (obviously compatible with the characteristics of your electrical system)

The saving: with the PLUS version you can have control of the absorption and the alternative sources (eg. photovoltaic plant) in order to optimise the charge and obtain the maximum savings possible.

The convenience: having a fixed device in the place where you usually leave your car for some time (at home or at work) allows you to minimise the charging process, by leaving the “little charger” in the trunk.

It’s “made in Italy”: ISI-EVC is entirely designed and produced in Italy, with a unique design that combines the simple shapes with the functionality of the built-in plug holder. You can choose the colour you like the most for the aluminium body and adapt it to your needs with the available options.

It’s “Plug & Play”: we have designed the device in order to make the installation easier and quicker. There’s nothing to assemble and disassemble: you fix it, you plug it in and it’s powered. Your electrician will save time and you will save money on the installation costs.

The advantages of a Wallbox at your home

The advantages of a home Wallbox like ISI-EVC are mainly linked to the ability to benefit from a charging station that is safer, quicker and more efficient in comparison to what you could achieve by using a normal domestic outlet.

On top of having access to a higher power, allowing you to charge your vehicle faster, the wallbox features safety systems that enable you to minimise the risks in the charging phase of your vehicle.

How much time do I need to charge my vehicle?

The charging time of an electric vehicle depends on the vehicle itself, as well as on the on-board charger and on the settings configured on the vehicle.

How much does it cost to charge my vehicle?

Consider that at home, the cost varies approximately from 0.16 to 0.24 €/kWh, unlike public columns (about 0.35 €/kWh) and “fast charge” stations (0.50-0.70 €/kWh).

Charging at home is cheap and convenient!